UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)

Flying Drones within five miles of Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (PUW)

If you are planning to fly a drone within five miles of the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport. Email the airport 24 hours before operating your drone, if you are planning drone operation on a Saturday or Sunday please email the airport on Friday before 5:00 pm. 

If you will be flying on WSU campus please contact the Pullman Police.

Include the following information:

  1. Where you will be operating

  2. The altitudes at which you will be flying

  3. What type of flying activity you will be doing

  4. The FAA registration number(s)

  5. The number of aircraft and a basic description of the aircraft

  6. When you will be flying and for how long

  7. Your name and a method of contacting you such as a cell phone number or radio frequency

Airport management with either thank you for the notification for drone operation or say the operation is unsafe and disapprove. If disapproved you should fly in another location where you do not need the airport’s approval or where the airport states would be acceptable. The FAA may take enforcement action against a drone pilot who has an FAA-issued certificate, such as a private pilot certificate.

For more information please visit the FAA’s UAS website

Visualize It: See FAA UAS Data on a Map Zoom into the airport location to see drone height allowances.

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