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The Palouse is a unique place. It’s rural, agricultural community gives the area a small-town feel, but its two major universities and large companies like Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and Alturas Analytics, Inc. keep the area current with market trends and opportunities. The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport serves to connect this unique area with the rest of the Pacific Northwest, making it affordable and convenient to travel to and from the Palouse.

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The Specifics

  • Runway (5/23):  7,101 ft / 2,050 m (Asphalt)
  • Carriers: Alaska (operated by Horizon)
  • ARFF: Index B


  • CTAF: 122.8
  • FSS: Seattle 122.6
  • ASOS: 135.675
  • Runway Aids to Navigation: R/W 5 – REIL, PAPI (4), R/W 23 – REIL, PAPI (4)
  • Approaches: R/W 5 ILS, VOR-DME, GPS     R/W 23 GPS


Economic Impact Study

To see the Washington Economic Impact Study for the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport click here.

To see the Idaho Airport System Plan Economic Impact Analysis click here.


Hours of Operation

Terminal – always open

Airport Administration Office 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.