Landing & Tie Down Fees + Other Rates & Charges

The Airport Board reserves the right to set and impose rates and charges for operations at PUW. Rate schedules are subordinate to any current lease agreement held with an entity and the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport. The following schedule details the current rates.



Landing Fees

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport charges landing fees to all non-based aircraft over 7,000 lbs. maximum certified landing weight at the rate of $1.25 per 1,000 lbs. with a $15 minimum.

Landing Fee for Scheduled Air Carrier $1.35 per 1000 lbs. MLW. Unscheduled Air Carrier / Charter $1.60 per 1,000 lbs. MLW.

Tie Downs

Tie down spots are available: Map for Tie-Down Spaces

Aircraft less than 12,500 lbs MTOW for $5/night transient, $50/month plus current lease hold tax and $325/yearly plus current lease hold tax.

Aircraft 12,501 lbs MTOW – 15,000 lbs MTOW and small Helos less than 4,000 lbs MTOW $10./night

Aircraft 15,001 lbs MTOW – 45,000 lbs MTOW and Helos 4,001 – 6,000 lbs MTOW $15./night

Aircraft 45,001 lbs MTOW and Helos greater than 6,001 lbs MTOW $20./night

Monthly and Annual Parking fees for aircraft over 12,501 lbs MTOW and Helos over 4,000 lbs MTOW will be evaluated by the airport on a case by case basis factoring size, weight and available space.

Agreements and Required Access Media may be obtained at the airport administration office in the terminal.

Other Rates and Charges

The FBO may collect the Parking Fees from transient aircraft as set by the airport and retain 35% of the fee for handling the collection with the right to offer 2 free days of parking for sale of fuel. Fees so collected will be remitted to the airport each quarter with a record of collection / non collection by N number for billing / audit purposes. Aircraft Fees set by the Airport shall be publicly and conspicuously posted in the FBO. Landing fees shall be collected by the Airport or on a contracted basis. Landing and Parking Fees may be waived or adjusted by the Airport at its sole discretion.

Airport Terminal Space – Individually negotiated rate based on area and location

Ground Rate (Aero) .19 / sqft / ann. Applies to new leases, transfers and 5 year updates. Non Aeronautical Rate: $0.35 / sqft / ann.   Agricultural Rate: $100.00 / acre / ann.

Hangar Rental (Airport owned) $185 / mo. + current leasehold tax

Auto Parking $6.00 per day, prepay using the parking kiosk located inside the terminal building

Rental Car Concession Fee and Car Stall Fee – As set by Individual Contract

Fuel Flowage Fee – $0.07 / Gallon delivered to PUW paid by supplier

Passenger Facility Charge – PFC no less than $4.50 unless prohibited by legislation

Badging – $35.00 AOA, $70.00 SIDA. Lost Badge $250.00

Tie Down Chains $50. Call Maintenance & Operations (509) 334-0572

Current Lease Hold Tax Rate is 12.85%